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14 July 1989
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As it stands right now, I really want to become an author and have since I was seven or so. Yes, I began seriously writing around that time when pressed to write creatively. Over the following few years of my life I decided that writing was indeed my passion, moving from silly 'fan fictions' about TY Beanie Babies (yes, this was back when I was still in Brownies and was trying to get one of my badges, and BBs happened to be my obsession), to a story that I entered in a contest. I didn't win, mind you, but it was a start, and now that I look back on it, I see much improvement.

Currently I am writing my own novel (which is only finished up to chapter two, mind you), and this coming September, it will have been approximately a year since I had begun writing it. Indeed I have taken my time, and shall continue to do so because, as the final result, I would absolutely love to get it published by a professional publisher and have it sold widely. It is a dream of mine, and if I am destined to be an author, then it would most certainly boost my self-confidence in the matter.

As of right now, my favourite author would be Garth Nix, whom wrote the absolutely amazing Old Kingdom Series (Sabriel, Lirael, and Abhorsen). He continues to inspire me with his writing and tips (which can be found on his website), and I will forever be in awe of his talent. This awe drives me to push myself to write as best as I can, regardless of what the final outcome is.

I'm not big on criticism. I actually don't take it well (as OniKitsuneSlinky knows), which is not very good if I want to be published. However, I am slowly overcoming this fear, I shall call it, and I eventually hope to be able to take it without first feeling anger and annoyance. I would be absolutely thrilled if I could force myself into a frame of mind that said 'I want criticism because I NEED to improve'. But alas, when shall that day come?

Other than that, I don't do much else XD I draw quite frequently, and my pictures vary depending on my characters, which are primarily used for Roleplaying. I do a lot of graphics/web-design, and do enjoy it very much. I read frequently, really enjoy hanging out with my friends, and chatting with those people who I've met online. I'm really not a scary person (Ok, I am, but you didn't read this XP), so if you want to chat or something, drop me a line via MSN, email, Yahoo etc. or just post a little comment on my journal!

Well... I guess that's it till I update again XD