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*Crawls Back Into Existence*
I haven't been here in a very long time...

No, I didn't drop off the face of the earth. School got in the way, work got in the way, and when all was said and done well... I lost time for LJ. Why would that be? Because I feel this compulsion to read every single friend's entry that comes up. Let's face it: I don't have time. I just don't have the time to sit there and scroll through 20-30 entries a day, read them all, reply to the ones that I think need replies, and go about my merry business. Hell, I hardly have time for my roleplaying anymore. Five to six days of the week I'm busy. The other one (Monday, of all days) is the one day I have time to do whatever with myself. Typically that means posting if I haven't been up to date, and if not... Well it means entertaining myself via writing or drawing.

It took me... six to eight months to finally return to DeviantART. I went through over 1000 deviations, cleaned everything up, and finally posted. Here I can't do that and I'm not even going to try. I don't even know if I'll update regularly anymore lol. Semester one was hectic and semester two is as well, though there is a bit more slack. Less homework, two spares, and three classes... Not much to complain about.

Josh and I are still together. Nothing has rifted us and though we've had our share of fights, we're still peachy keen. We're coming up on two years in June. I'm excited.

Ah... I suppose that is all. I've spent most of my time writing and drawing. Started a new novel which will hopefully a) be finished and b) be a trilogy when I'm finished. My old novel was scrapped... Ah... Designed new characters, explored old ones, am enjoying myself immensely.

Mmmm... To sleep I go.

Josh moved out, as had been already stated before. He's living at his dad's now, is looking for a job, and is currently able to spend the weekends here with me while I go to his dad's house on Thursdays (though this depends on whether or not he gets a job and works those Thursdays; if that's the case, I won't be going there at all since I'd be going to see him). Josh and I figured that having him stay Sunday nights instead of inconveniencing dad or having Josh bus home would be a good idea, but mom disagrees and so it will probably not happen.

I had a huge discussion with mom a few days ago that led basically to why I've been in shambles for months now. Truth is, I've been depressed, and as of recent it's gotten pretty bad what with school hanging over my head, the loss of Josh, and the fact that grade twelve is certainly not an easy year. In the last three days I've had more things to learn and worry about that I've had in three weeks in any other grade. I've also had quite a bit of homework.

My English teacher wasn't all that happy the first day I had her. She was real pissed at half the class for having not done our summer reaidng. Today she wasn't so bad - she was a lot friendlier, nicer, and she told us to at least read one of the books on the list and the poems (which I haven't yet done but figure I could probably do this weekend). I managed to finish Catch-22 today. It was a pretty good book and I liked the ending, though I did find that it was funnier when read aloud. In my head it just sounded stupid and confusing. I'm going to try and finish Jane Eyre because I only have 300 pages to go, but that seems near impossible. I figure I'll finish it over time and until then I'll do all my essays on Catch-22.

Besides that school is good. Math is moving along, social is fine, and Japanese is great.

I work this Saturday and Sunday, but other than that, I can't imagine too much happening... I'm morbidly depressed off and on but that's nothing new so... I suppose that's it.
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Work and English
I realize I haven't updated in almost two weeks, but there's been a reason for it: a lack of motivation and the act of being busy. There's really not that much to tell, but whatever I can scrounge up I shall write here.

I worked these past four days (Friday - Monday). It wasn't the most exciting work ever, but you know... it's work. Friday I worked with a nice lady there who was very helpful, and Saturday I worked with the devil (aka Christina, who nobody likes). All she ever does is bitch and complain about how her life sucks, how she's missing her fifty dollar blow dryer, and how she hates working around people who smell like cigarette smoke and who wear a lot of perfume. She doesn't like that I'm slower than her when it comes to cashing out. In fact, on Saturday she was apologizing for being so slow and Doreen, one of the Rx technicians, told her it was no problem. Christina then proceeded to say "Well I guess that's right. I am faster than-" and then she stopped. We all know she was going to say my name, because she's like that. I despise her. So do most of the other people that work there.

I also put a staple into my thumb Saturday. I was trying to see how to open it and I didn't realize that my thum was under it when I finally did get it open. Then, without thinking, I pushed down and sent a staple into my thumb. It was quie painful and bled everywhere, a time when four customers decided to run up and ask to buy things. I ended up wrapping my thumb up in a thing of kleenex while dealing out cash with my right. It was an interesting night.

Sunday I closed alone, which wasn't too bad. I keep ringing over ten dollars over or under, which is not good at all, but keeps happening. In the month I've been there, I've only ever cashed out even once, and I think that might have been Saturday. Work yesterday wasn't too exciting either, but at least I made it through. I don't work again till this Saturday (six hours, ugh) but I do think I get paid. At least, I hope so. I'd really like to have some money before school starts but we'll see how that goes.

Josh is leaving for sure now. Though mom gave everyone false hope that he might stay (or at least me, anyway), he's not. He's moving to his dad's and will be staying there for at least three months before any new arrangements can be made. Apparently mom wants a 'break' from everything, although she's never home so I don't see how that would make sense at all. She won't even give me a straight answer. I don't care anymore. Josh's dad said he'd be able to pick him up Thursday night, but I don't see a point in it because mom said that Josh could spend the weekend here. I am utterly confused. So I guess the plan is that we can either drive Josh out there Sunday, or his dad can pick him up, but first I have to talk to mom. *Sigh* Supposedly this will benefit everybody, although I am by no means everybody. I'm a little peeved at both my parents, namely because not only are they enforcing this when it is not necessary, but they are also taking away the 'sleep-together-time', ie, the time in which I get to sleep downstairs with Josh. Which is only twice a week. Somehow it's too much. The reason why this is no longer occurring: supposedly because dad doesn't like it and Jane won't allow it once he moves in with her (oh yes, he's moving in), mom is also disallowing it now. However, another reason, apparently, is that Nick went and told her that I stay downstairs in the morning when I wake up until eleven. So, I'm not sure what the reason is, but I'd love to know. I actually don't see a reason to anything at the moment, but whatever. Can't help it.

Went and registered today. As it turns out, my courses aren't that great (they seemed it at first). I can't transfer into Prestash's class because it's in third block and it'd mess up my math and my Spanish. I figure that, if I'm not able to keep my usual average in her class (which should be no lower than 85%) I will immediately request a transfer out or I will go and appeal to Prestash for help. Either way, I'm not jeopardizing my marks for some teacher I've never had. As it stands, thus is my schedule:

Semester 1
Period 1: Social 30
Period 2: English 30 AP/Spare
Period 3: Math 30 Pure
Period 4: Japanese 30

Semester 2
Period 1: Spare
Period 2: English 30 AP/Spare
Period 3: Spanish 30
Period 4: Bio 30

As fate would have it, both my spares are in the morning in second semester, which means that I wouldn't have to get up until late every second day. That would be nice, but I had hoped to have my spares in the afternoon, and to have had full year social, which they did not give me. So, I'm not sure what I'll be doing with that besides using them to do my homework so that I can keep working. Blech. I spoke with the coordinators about changing my timetable and before they would consider it, they told me that I was 'teacher shopping' because I asked to be put into Prestash's class. I had to explain to them why I wanted to be put there and, as everything turned out, it wasn't going to work anyhow. On the bright side, however, I did manage to get my old grade eight math teacher's wife for math this year (who is apparently an excellent teacher), my science teacher from grade ten, and am in classes with a bunch of my friends. Hopefully it'll all work out.

I put in a request to have my iPod replaced/repaired last week. They sent me the box and everything and said that I was legible for it, though I only mentioned that the iPod had huge fissures in the screen, that it's play time didn't last as long as it should have, and that it was in a protective case. I did not mention, however, the dent. Hopefully that won't ruin my chances of getting it repaired. If it comes back damaged and they say that nothing can be done, I'll give it to Josh. If it comes back repaired, I'll ask dad if he wants it because he bought me a new one anyway. If he doesn't, I'll still give it to Josh and I'll give him $300 for the new one. I'm going to box it up either tonight or tomorrow during the day and then dad said he'll take it to the store that will ship it to Apple.

So, I guess that's pretty much it. I started reading Catch-22 because I couldn't bring myself to continue reading Jane Eyre. As it turns out, this book is retarded. It jumps around a lot and has nothing to do with anything. The first chapter begins by telling of the chaplain that visits the main character, but then it leaps to how he is pretending to be sick in a hospital, then it goes on about a Texan guy who kills another guy by talking him to death, and then about the chaplain again. I honestly don't understand it but if I actually finish it, all should be well.

I apologize to those who read this disjointed journal. I'm not all here right now...

Work is ok, I guess. There's a lot to know that I'm having difficulty remembering, at the moment. Perhaps the only thing I do know is how to work the register, which isn't that great since I need to know prices. The first day was Friday, and I learned how to leave the till when I'm finished my shift, as well as how to work it, what to wear, and where all of the shelves were and such. Easier said than done. I messed up a lot while working it and it takes a lot to memorize everything, like what has deposits, how much those deposits are, what kind of cigarettes people want, how to work the lotto machine... It's tough. But I'm managing.

Day two, which was Saturday, was a bit easier. I learned how to close (which is a long and tedious process) and I think I remember most of what I was supposed to do. Mom showed up while I was working, as did my grandparents and my aunt and uncle, and the latter took pictures of me. Lol. >.>;; I made fewer mistakes yesterday than I did Friday, but I'm still not up to par. I work again Tuesday and I hope that that's even better. I don't know who my superviser is yet, either. Bleh. I think after Wednesday or Friday I'm off training shifts and am onto regular ones. W00t.
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I got the job at the store behind us. Yay. I'm not excited whatsoever, but mom will be. Apparently I won't be getting paid for the fourteen hours of training I will be doing until after the first month is up so that he can ensure that I'm going to work there. Goody. So I don't think I get any actual money until then... Bleh. I must have been the only person applying there because it took him forever to get back to me. But yay... Now mom can get off my back about how I don't have a job.

That is all.
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Wedding, Interviews, and the Like
Well, I was gone for five days (July 27-31). On the 27 (Thursday) we spent almost eleven hours driving all the way out to BC, which must have been the most boring car ride ever. The guy that was driving us was a Country music fanatic so we got to listen to his CDs about two to three times through once the radio went out. And I heard the stupidest song ever: a song about boots. This guy was singing about how he had a pair of $225 boots with seven stitches on them somewhere, some sort of horse-beating thing (probably not exactly that, but close enough), and all of the pretty girls stare at his feet, not his face. Wow. Great song there Mr. Country singer.

After we got there we were acquainted with the family that we were supposed to be staying with. It consisted of a couple that wasn't married and who owned three dogs. We also found out that they didn't eat meat of any kind and that everything in their house was organic, including the toothpaste and dish soap. That was somewhat interesting. I've found that I really enjoy organic apples more than I do regular apples XD But as for carrots... I'm not sure.

They were very nice. They let us cook and raid their fridge at will and were very kind. The only thing they had to drink besides water was organic lemonade, which actually tasted really good. I enjoyed my stay there but I think it was fate that had Josh and I sleeping in the dog room, despite the fact that I'm allergic to dogs. I ended up taking a benedryl every night and having to take a shot of my brother's puffer just as often.

We actually didn't do a whole lot while we were there. Friday we went to the Scandia arcarde for five hours where Josh spent $60 dollars that his dad gave him. It was fun stuff and they had a lot of the older games, like those for the Atari and the Super NES. Unfortunately they didn't have DDR.

Saturday we went up to see the newly-built trestles since the old ones were burnt down. I really enjoyed the walk and I had fun tossing rocks down into the valley below and watching them shatter as they hit the other rocks that had ended up there. It was an enjoyable walk and Josh had a chipmunk on his hand. They're really friendly up there. I don't think there are any rules against feeding the animals or anything because it seems that everyone likes to feed them, even though they shouldn't.

Sunday was the wedding, which was a blast, I must say. I got to wear the fancy dress that we bought. The bride, Angie, said I looked beautiful. She did too, of course. I loved the way her hair was done because it was pulled back and looked like it was wrapped around these gorgeous flowers but I don't think it actually was. The woman that was marrying Josh's step dad (Darren) and Angie messed up Darren's name. She called him Derric, lmao, and he seemed slightly miffed. After they were wed I got a couple pictures with Josh and his family (I didn't expect any given that I'm not even part of the family). Afterwards Josh, his brothers, and I went swimming at the hotel where they were going to hold the reception, and once we were done that we went to the reception. It was fun stuff. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire thing and I think what I loved most was wearing the dress. I think the only downside to the entire procession was that I had to wear high heels and they didn't quite agree with my feet, lol.

And now here I am typing this. Last week I went for a job interview as you know (or so I believe; if not last Tuesday I went) and yesterday I called back the manager. He said that he wants me to call him back tomorrow afternoon so that he has time to consult with his daughter or something on whether or not they need the help. So... Who knows if I'll be getting this job. I don't even want it, but BlockBuster still hasn't called me back =_=

A Trip Into Life
Not much has been going on here, as of late. I'm rather anxious and excited about heading out of the province in three days to go to Josh's step dad's wedding. Yesterday mom and I went and bought a beautiful dress. It's a bit of a dark beige with black flower designs across it and it reminds me a lot of the Japanese cherry blossoms. But I love it. It was the first one we saw and I fell in love with it immediately. We also bought a brown skirt because I wanted one and I only own one pair of shorts. Now all I need to do is find a nice top to go with it.

I submitted my application forms to both BlockBuster and the drug store but neither have called me back about an interview so... If they don't call back soon there's no way that I'll be able to work until next Tuesday, if then. And if they don't call me back at all... Well I guess I'll be checking out the mall and, if it comes down to it, the fast food restaurants. Damn. I'd hoped to avoid those but it seems like I might not have much of a choice at this point... That is, if nothing happens.

Haven't drawn much at all and haven't written, either. So... there's really not much else to say at this point.

Time Flies
So, in the past week and a bit a lot has happened.

Animethon was Saturday/Sunday and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn't buy any CDs this year and I didn't actually buy any posters, either. Instead I spent the majority of my money at the Fynta table where original prints and such were being sold. I bought six prints and seven stickers, as well as two bookmarks. They're all sticky tacked to my wall right now.

The convention itself was ok. Didn't much care for Artist's Alley since I didn't think much of most of the artists... They weren't very good this year as most of the 'good' artists had tables in the Dealer's Room. There were very few decent cosplayers, too. Most of the costumes either sucked or the people were dressed as Naruto characters, which I had no wish to take photos of. I'm so sick of Naruto... Bleach is getting there too, as is FMA. I think I just have this... high distaste towards popular anime since it gets overrated and the overwhelming amount of fanart is annoying. So are all of the shonen-ai/yaoi pairings. =_=

Sunday night Doug and Shantel came over and we watched the Hellsing OAV. It was priceless! Fansubs are so much better than Chinese subs, let me tell you. There were many mistakes which include:
  • The Vandigum [Vatican]
  • Anjero [Anderson]
  • Carter [Alucard]
  • Horse-Riding Institution [AKA Hellsing]

    Haha... I laughed. Hard. It was just so funny and retarded.

    I think Animethon could not have been any more chaotic on Sunday, though. Sunday morning dad ran over my foot with his car. Yes'm, he did. Somehow he managed it, which is infinitely entertaining to me. At the time it hurt, of course, but my first actual thought while it was happening was '... Dad's tire is squishy...' followed by 'Dad's running over my foot...'. It turns out that he ran over only one half of it. It actually swelled to twice the size, was red, and hurt like a bitch, yet I still walked on it all day. I think the reason the pain went away was because I was standing for four or five hours straight and my heels had begun to ache incessantly.

    Monday we went to the doctor and he told us that we'd just wasted half our day. I had my foot X-Rayed and it turns out that nothing is wrong with it. Or to my knowledge, anyway. Somehow there are no breaks or cracks, just bruising. It was in a tensor bandage up until Thursday where I simply stopped wearing it because it hurt more to have it on than off. My foot looks ok now, though. It still amuses me.

    Wednesday I went to the mall with Josh, Nick, my aunt, and my grandma. The latter two ditched as at the arcade to play DDR and such and we only met up a few times in between. There really wasn't much else to do. For my birthday grandma bought me the star belt I've been wanting forever~ I'm so happy. I love it and intend to wear it as often as possible.

    Thursday through Saturday I was out of town for my birthday. It was a good birthday, although I was glad to be home. Mom bought me an awesome dolphin ring and a bear and Tasha drew me a picture of Shadow done in the ink that I bought her for Christmas~ It's so awesome and I love and I intend to put it up above all of the prints that are on my wall. I think I spent just over $20 on myself and the other $70 or so went towards other people. I think I'd rather buy for others, although most of that money was what dad gave me... I don't think he's entirely happy that I didn't spend it on myself. But eh... Yesterday I went out and bought a lot of stuff for me. I'm saving $50 of it for decent inking pens since my Copic Multiliner was craptastic.

    I still need to send my iPod into Apple, although I'm not really sure if they'll take it now. In the back of it there is this huge dent where it looks like it caved in, although I'm not sure how that would have happened since it hasn't been in direct sunlight, nothing's fallen on it, and it actually looks like the metal somehow melted. I don't understand how any of it happened since there's at least 3-5mm of rubber protecting it. What I'm afraid of is that, if I send it in, they'll think the dent was the cause of the cracks on the front, although it came about three weeks after. I'm growing ever weary of this stupid thing. It's really starting to piss me off that it doesn't work.

    It has been thought that Doug has the hots for Josh, which bothers the crap out of me. It wouldn't surprise me, though, since I've said it before and the way Doug acts... Arg. I really don't want to have any contact with him whatsoever for like... a month. Or more. He already annoyed me when he called me Thursday night confirming plans to go to the mall, although I wasn't even in town. He sounded like Josh and managed to get my hopes up... I'm not overly fond of the heart-clenching that went on for all of that night.

    Oh! While I was out of town Tasha and I had this long two and a half hour discussion. We wandered the streets of the town we were staying in (and went to the edge of it XD) and just talked about whatever came to mind. A lot of it seemed to be random, but I really enjoyed it and I think she did too. We haven't had a conversation like that in forever, so I think one was due.

    We also saw Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. It's really good, but I think the ending bites. It was so funny though, and I would definitely go and see it again. They're making a third one too. I wonder if it'll be as good as this last one. There were a lot of surprises. *Pets Will* I feel very sorry for him. :\

    Well... I suppose that that's it. There's not much else to tell. I am going to apply at Block Buster, I think, because I really don't want to work at the store behind us, which is where mom wants me to work. I think they sell cigarettes and I'm not 18 so... That'd be utterly pointless. I have the application form for BB so I'm going to get mom to help me fill it out, then I'll have her go over my resume, and then I guess I'll hand it in ASAP.

    Other than that, Josh works like... five-six days a week, can't get a day off until the weekends, and is being told not to miss anymore work. Last Wednesday he was very sorry and today his ride didn't show up so... I guess that's it.


  • In the Last Two Weeks...
    I have written exams. Yes'm. I have. Just as a brief run down, here's how it all went:

    Social Written - Bleh. To the extreme. I think I kinda rambled a bit and didn't really address the topic at all (it was something about economic development). I did Topic B instead of A because A was about nationalism. I was somewhat confident going in simply because I saw the position paper I did a few weeks back and I managed 100% on it. My teacher said that if I did really well on this I could bring my mark to a 90 easily. I don't think I did. :\

    English Written - Horrible. Two and a half hours to write two stupid essays and I was still not really done by the time we had to finish. I did finish the essays but I didn't have enough time to go over them. I don't think I did very well at all. I'd be surprised if I managed even 7/9 on them.

    Japanese - Easy as pie. Was almost done the entire test and going over it before the first hour was up and we were allowed to leave.

    English Reading Comp - Just as bad as the written. While I was writing it I almost passed out, though. It was so stifling and hot in the gym that I got really dizzy and nauseous and ended up reading the last passage about four times trying to understand it. I did a bit better the second time around when I went through it - at least most of it made sense. I honestly don't think I did very well at all.

    Social MC - Fairly easy, up until the end of it. I don't think I did too bad.

    Spanish - Extremely easy. I finished going over it and writing it before the hour was up again. I had an apiphany at the end, though, where I suddenly understood the Spanish I was reading. XD So... I fixed my answers.

    That's it though. No more exams until halfway through next semester. Unfortunately my summer hasn't begun with a good start. I contracted a bladder infection last Thursday and I've been drinking cranberry juice to get rid of it. It seemed to be working for the first while, but then I noticed that I was still in pain for no apparent reason. Josh came with me to see the doctor today and it turns out that I still have the infection. He told me that I should be going every time I have a bladder infection. He asked also asked me if I'd been on two drugs for it and I told him no since I've never gone specifically for a bladder infection. Last time I went and we identified that I had one, we were actually going because I had the flu. So... Apparently having one for more than two or three days is not good. Did two urine tests today and was put on pills to kill it. In August I have to have a complete abdominal and renal ultrasound in case there is something severely wrong. I dread that time... Last time I had an ultrasound was when I was five and it was for, ironically, a kidney/bladder infection.

    We got my hair cut Wednesday~ It's really short now and if we straighten it, it looks like Kairi's from Kingdom Hearts (because that was the kind of cut I wanted). Although if I want it to look the way it's supposed to, I have to get a straightener and gel to hold my bangs in place and chukly like I want them. I don't own the former so... I guess I'll be buying one. I'm opting for a cheap one though, because it's not like I'll be using it for the rest of my life.

    Got a new keyboard. Mine was crapping out horribly. Whenever you typed 'o' you would get 'o]' and if you typed 'h' you got 'hf', if you typed 2 you got 28. Also, if you hit the button to go to Dell's homepage it opened Windows Explorer, and if you hit the Dell Support Centre button it opened the calculator; if you hit shift it would act like the back button and if you hit control it would open up my favourites. It was so stupid. Dad bought me a new keyboard and it's black and gorgeous and I absolutely adore it.

    I guess that's it... This summer started off like last summer in that I was on medication, only this stuff lets me eat and stuff since I'm supposed to take it with food. Oh, Saturday I work and tomorrow Josh is going to his dad's and will be brought back at 10 on Saturday. I'm going to miss him, naturally. I also hope that I sleep well tonight... I haven't slept at all in the last five days and it's beginning to take its toll, along with the infection. I'm really hoping that I don't wake up repeatedly throughout the night.

    Before I leave you, however...

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    Craptastic Week
    Venting here. If you do not like to hear venting please avoid this entry. I just need to.

    This week has sucked. Royally. I don't think I can remember a week worse than this past one. I think, instead of ranting about everything that's gone wrong, I'll just list it off by day.

    Monday - Zelda died; I slaved my ass off to finish my Japanese poster and found out it wasn't due until Wednesday
    Tuesday - Social exam that I don't think I did very well on but I wouldn't actually know; presented our Spanish plays even though we were supposed to do them on Wednesday
    Wednesday - Spent four hours finishing off my social project
    Thursday - Had to present my social project; Josh and I had to present our Japanese project; Spanish exam that I did moderately well on; mom got severely pissed at me
    Friday - A really good day, to tell you the truth. It was just a really good, relaxing day. Well... Minus the argument Josh and I had.
    Saturday - Worked for five hours with people who annoyed me; spent an hour cleaning the bathroom; am probably going to be lectured

    That was more or less my week. Friday was the best day because not only was it my final day of classes, but all I did was eat and party during my three classes. Oh, and we played DDR in Japanese and that was pretty awesome too. But yes, that was the entirety of my week. Next week I have three exams, on on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I'm afraid of what the outcome will be of my English written final since it's three essays in two hours. I had a dream that I completely bombed that exam. Suffice to say, my confidence is not very high at the moment.

    I forgot to buy dad a Father's Day card while we were at the mall - not that I had any money on me anyway. I really need to get one and I'm hoping that tomorrow I can walk over to the mall with Josh or something and pick dad up a beanie baby and a card or something, but we'll really have to see. A lot of things have been slipping my mind this past week because of all the stress I've been under. Hopefully that will all end after exams are over. The one I fear the most is my English written final...

    Mom bought another bird. Apparently she was looking in the Bargain Finder and she found a woman selling baby cockatiels that are roughly seven week old. The one we have looks like Zelda and apparently her mother looks exactly like Link. Mom wants to call her Xena... Personally I hate that name because it just looks so unattractive. I wanted to call her Shiek to keep the Zelda motif up, but I don't think that's happening. Maybe we could get away with calling her Thyme or Sol or something. If I am the one who names her it'll be the first animal that I've named (besides fish, which don't count) since I was four.

    Shantel wants Josh and I to stay in the hotel for Animethon. Personally I just don't want to. Josh does. Tasha is probably/possibly bussing to Animethon. So... I am torn. I'm not sure what I want to do yet but I don't really have all that much time to decide. I could pay $2 to get there or I could spend $45 sleeping in a hotel... Somehow the former seems better to me. I don't know though... Apparently mom wants Josh and I to work the Saturday too at 5. Arg.

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